Reigning Masters Degree Levenmouth Lodges

The Levenmouth Annual Reigning Masters Degree was held at our regular meeting on 23rd January 2019 under the auspices of Lodge Earl Haig No.1260, when the reigning masters conferred a Master Mason Degree on Substitute Candidate Bro. Duncan McCartney I.P.M. of Lodge King Robert De Bruce No. 304

The degree team on the night were as follows:

Bro. Bob Christie      Lodge Earl Haig              No.1260    RWM

Bro. Jim Davidson    Lodge Balfour Melville     No.809     WSW

Bro. Matt Smith       Elgin's Lodge of Leven      No.91      WJW

Bro. Jim Knox          Lodge Randolph               No.776     SD

Bro. Jim Roy            Lodge St. Kenneth            No.1441   JD

Bro. Ian McDonald    Lodge MacDuff                No.940     IG

Bro. Dave Brisland    Lodge St. Monan             No.1348   Chaplain

Bro. Phil Stewart      Lodge Balcarres               No.1240   D of C

Bro. Duncan Murray  Lodge Earl Haig              No.1260   Exhortation

 The Degree Team

Thanks to Bro. Frank Reid Lodge Randolph No.776 for the Photograph