Visit by Bro Joe Morrow

A pleasure to welcome Bro Joe Morrow into the Lodge on the evening of 26th September, with no airs and graces, no pomp and ceremony, just a good and virtuous brother. Who was clad in plain white pinny, who sat in the columns next to our youngest Master Mason. Before enthralling us with his sojourn as the Lord Lyon King of Arms, Heraldry and his belief about the interconnection of the development of both during the Scottish Enlightenment.

Many questions were posed and answered with good grace and humour.

The RWM then presented Bro Joe with a bottle of Malt which transpires to be his choice of Malts.

A great raffle - thanks all for your generosity - followed!

Albeit the acting Tyler/Steward failed miserably with the urn and making the oven work, but luke warm tea and cold pies did not deflect on what was a hugely successful evening for Earl Haig.

It was pleasing to see so many Lodges represented including 1549 who normally don’t get to visit due to meeting on the same nights.

Joe departed for home with a reminder to the Secretary to ensure that his motion at the beginning of the meeting was recorded and read at our meeting on the 14th November when we will be graced with the presence of the MWGMM and Grand Secretary - when we will be holding a special meeting of Remembrance.

Pictured here with Lord Lyon King of Arms Past Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Scotland Dr Joe Morrow are

l and r, SPGM Bro Craig Thompson and RWM Bro John Heron.