Installation photos over the years! 

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  Lodge Golden Jubilee

 RWM Bro T Reid

  RWM Bro J Barclay

  RWM Bro B Beaton

  RWM Bro A Little

 RWM Bro S Brock

 RWM Bro R Christie

  RWM Bro D Murray

RWM Bro G Michie

 RWM Bro W Michie

 RWM Bro D Murray

  RWM Bro D Duffy

  RWM Bro D Duffy

RWM Bro Bill Condie 2011

RWM Bro Bill Condie 2012

Derek Reekie

RWM Bro John Derek Reekie 2013

Installation 2015

RWM Bro. John  Procter Heron 2015