Installation photos over the years! 

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  Lodge Golden Jubilee

 RWM Bro T Reid

  RWM Bro J Barclay

  RWM Bro B Beaton

  RWM Bro A Little

 RWM Bro S Brock

 RWM Bro R Christie

  RWM Bro D Murray

RWM Bro G Michie

 RWM Bro W Michie

 RWM Bro D Murray

  RWM Bro D Duffy

  RWM Bro D Duffy

RWM Bro Bill Condie 2011

RWM Bro Bill Condie 2012

Derek Reekie

RWM Bro John Derek Reekie 2013

Installation 2015

RWM Bro. John  Procter Heron 2015

RWM Bob Christie 2018