Honorary Grand Rank

Alex Leslie PM, Honorary Grand Marshall

Initiated         16 December 1925

Passed          13 January 1926

Raised             3 February 1926

Mark              13 May 1926

Extract from the Minute Book  - January 1973

Bro Alex Leslie has dedicated himself to such pursuits as have enabled him to be respected in life, useful to mankind and an ornament to the Craft. His work throughout his Masonic career as a true and faithful master of the craft has been good work, sound work and square work. It is most fitting that the brethren of his Mother Lodge have conferred upon him this great award for his eminent services. The brethren will rejoice to learn that the Grand Lodge of Scotland will be conferring on Bro Leslie the Rank of Honorary Grand Marshall at the Provincial Quarterly Communication on Friday 26th January 1973"

Worshipful Substitute Provincial Grand Master J Brazenal.

 William Cooper Michie PM, Honorary Grand Marshall

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Initiated          23 March 1955

Passed             6 April 1955

Raised            18 May 1955

Mark                4 June 1955

PM Michie has followed in his father’s footsteps in clocking up 50 years service to Lodge Earl Haig, his father George was in the craft for 52 years having joined in 1929. He joined the Lodge shortly before his brother Peter who joined later in the in 1955. Thus giving an association with these two generations spanning over 76 years.

From the beginning he was in office and showed that he was a keen Freemason, however shortly after joining he had to come out of office as he was called up to National Service. Through the 60’s he steadily progressed towards the Chair of King Solomon eventually reaching this high office in 1969.

This was an interesting time for the Lodge as we had recently moved to purpose bought temple and his experience as a plasterer was put to good use.

The Golden Jubilee of the lodge coincided with his time in office and a lot of special events where held to mark this occasion, there is one thing that started at the time of the Lodge’s 50th birthday that is still happening today and that is the provincial golf tournament that he runs where the eventual winner receives Lodge Earl Haig’s Jubilee Cup which he originally donated to the Lodge for a fishing tournament.

Coming out of the Chair and up until he went to the Chair for a second time in 1999 (30 years after the first time) he either held the post of Secretary or Treasurer. The Lodge recognised this service by awarding him with Distinguished Service Membership in 1979

His effort to the Lodge was rewarded by Provincial Grand Lodge in 1977 he was appointed as a Provincial Steward, only the second person in the Lodge to have been appointed. Unfortunately due to his work commitments the following year he resigned form this office.

Editors Italics: Hopefully one of his proudest moments in his Masonic career was when he initiated me into the Lodge in March 1989.

His continuous service to the Lodge was again rewarded by Grand Lodge in 1999 with the presentation to him by Lord Elgin on behalf of Grand Lodge, Honorary Grand Rank of Grand Marshall, again he was only the second person in the Lodge to have been awarded this high accolade.

Coming out of the Chair for the second time has allowed him to move into semi retirement as an active office bearer and he now holds the office of Director of Ceremonies and is still known to be able to step into the breach to do a lecture as and when called upon.


Thomson Inglis PM, Honorary Assistant Grand Secretary

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Initiated               3 April 1957

Passed              17 April 1957

Raised                 1 May 1957

Mark                  18 May 1957

Bro Thomson Inglis PM, is one of those very rare masons who has dedicated over 50 years of his life to his mother Lodge. Such has his dedication and enthusiasm within his first 2 years in the craft he took on the role of Lodge Secretary and ever since he has been in active office in the Lodge. In 1973 the lodge honoured our long serving secretary by elevating him to the Chair of the Lodge a period of time in which I know Thomson was a very proud but humble man. After his successful period in the chair it would not have been surprising after many years hard work that he would ask to sit back as a PM but it was not in Thomson’s psyche to do so and after his tenure as IPM he was back as secretary for his second stint in this role. As time moved on and we approached our 75th Anniversary, Thomson’s son Brian Inglis who was our RWM in our 75th Anniversary year, honoured his father by making him his Depute Master. Moving into the late 90’s Thomson took over the responsibility of Lodge Almoner and it was only in 2010 that he retired from active office in the Lodge.


Bob Christie, PM Honorary Grand Senior Deacon

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Initiated 15th November 1979

Passed                     6th December 1979

Raised                    21st February 1980

Mark                         6th November 1980

Elected Provincial Grand Lodge  - January 1992

Commissioned as Provincial Grand Secretary -  2007

Bro. Bob Christie was brought up in a farming family in the County of Angus, hence the reason for his funny twang! As a youth Bro Bob was a very good footballer and went on to coach at junior level. However it was his career choice as a mechanic that brought Bob to Fife after a short sojourn in Hamilton. Bob had a very successful career within Laidlaws and later Quick in Kirkcaldy where he was Service Manager and then a Director of the company and was the top man before retiring. He enjoyed some fine trips with the company, including a cruise on the QE 2.

Before we turn our attention to Bob's Masonic career it would be remiss not to mention his other passions – firstly Scottish dance Music which has been an inherited love from both his and Norma's parents, enthusiastically enjoying Scottish dancing together. We can also let you into a little known secret that is brethren, that Bob has been known to tinkle from time to time on the box.  Another passion but I am not sure why, is his love for Raith Rovers and is a regular on the terraces with his good friend Dave Cruickshank. Since retiral Bob has taken up two other pastimes going to the Millennium gym and playing bools!! I am not sure which he is better at but I am sure he will enlighten us later, over his Vodka and colouring of Coca Cola!!

Although Bob is not our Senior Past Master he is one of the corner stones of our Lodge and diligently worked his way through the Offices until he was installed into the chair of King Solomon in 1989 for the first time by Bill Michie, our Lodge then met at Windygates Institute Bob did two years as Master and subsequently in 2001 for a third time. Bob's ritual work in the Lodge is legendary and he took on the mammoth task of editing our ritual and issuing fresh copies to all office bearers which are currently in use today (and according to our more ancient active members still maintains the traditional shape, apart from perhaps some slight Forfarshire inputs). Bob's work and knowledge of the ritual is legendary and he encourages and coaches any brother who goes on the floor to do his best in the Earl Haig way!! Bob is also one of these privileged brothers who have had the honour of taking part in many Installations both locally and as far away as Orkney.Bob's dedication to Earl Haig was recognised by the Province in 1992 when as IPM he was elected to serve as a member of Provincial Grand Committee duties that he undertook with the same dignity as he did in his Mother Lodge. Our current PGM observing how good a secretary Bob was for Earl Haig in 2007, knowing Bob had recently retired and had some spare time on his hands, asked him to become Provincial Grand Secretary – not an easy role Brethren, but one which he has taken on in his usual fastidious manner and is and continues to be a very dedicated servant to the Province.

But perhaps one of Bob's greatest inputs to Freemasonry is his work as secretary of this his Mother Lodge having now held the office continually since 1993, His dedication to the office, his encouragement to members, his knowledge of the laws and at the same time able to join in the fellowship and social activities of the Lodge; a real stalwart and still our Secretary. We are so proud and lucky to have him in our midst.