Benfeldsyde Lodge Visit 2018

On Saturday 7th April 2018 brethren from Lodge Earl Haig and friends journeyed south of the border to Lodge Benfeldsyde No. 7807 for their Annual Installation. Here we see the brethren anxiously awaiting the prize winning "Belter Burger" at the Belters Bar, Jedburgh, where we stopped for lunch, thereafter fed up or full up they continued the journey to their luxurious accommodation at the Crown & Crossed Swords in Shotley Bridge.

Photo courtesy of Bro. Gordon Michie.

The brethren of Lodge Earl Haig accompanied by Bro. George Johnson, Bro. Drew Simpson and Bro. David Shearer.

The customary handing over of the "Scottish Sheep" which RWM Bro. John Heron stated would be the last sheep to travel South of the border but Benfeldsyde Lodge were having none of that and want this tradition to continue. I am sure this will be brought up at one of our future Committee  meetings for further discussion.

A most enjoyable weekend and look forward to next year's Installation.