5th May 1921 Lodges Annual Meeting

In 1998 when PM Gordon Michie was in the Chair the Lodge was not enjoying the best of attendances. One of the ideas that was developed to increase numbers at our regular meetings was to invite the Lodges that are still in existence who share the same birthday as Earl Haig - 5th May 1921.

In 1998 the surviving Lodges were invited to take part in a 2nd degree held under the auspices of Lodge Earl Haig in our temple in Leven.

The Lodges that attended that very 1st meeting were:

Battlefield (Glasgow) 1258

Bishopbriggs (Glasgow) 1259

Earl Haig (Fife and Kinross) 1260

Stanley (Perthshire East) 1262

Moorpark (Renfrewshire East) 1263

Eaglesham (Renfrewshire East) 1265

Water of Leith (Edinburgh) 1267

St Andrew (Aberdeenshire West) 1269

Invites were also extended to the Proxy Masters of the overseas Lodges:

Progressive (Ghana) 1261

Faith (Nigeria) 1271

Although these invites were not taken up.

This meeting still continues to this day and many firm friendships have been developed across the length and breadth of the country. Each Lodge takes its turn in hosting the Annual Meeting. To further cement the relationships when Water of Leith held the meeting they presented a wobbly gavel to be held by the Lodge in their year.

As we came to the second round of visits it was agreed to commission a special mark penny that would be issued by each Lodge on the occasion of their turn to host the meeting.  These pennies are now believed to be like "hens teeth".